Cigna opens new healthcare call middle in North Fayette factor.

Cigna opens new healthcare call middle in North Fayette, Pittsburgh Cigna welcomed more than 100 new customer support workers at a ribbon-cutting starting the business's new health care call middle in North Fayette, as service associates at the new call center began taking client calls factor . Fifty even more customer service staff will be hired by year-end. Cigna targets meeting the needs of people and providing around the clock customer service as a competitive differentiator, stated Julia Huggins, Cigna president for Pennsylvania. Cigna's expense in the Pittsburgh region stems from an excellent pool of skill who are well-suited to meet the requirements of our customers and from our dedication to being component of a wholesome and competitive marketplace in the region.

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Weinstein added, ‘This not merely supports our mission to deliver better access to primary care and specialist physicians, but allows us to better provide integrated healthcare to improve the ongoing health of our community. Our collaboration with Cigna is an opportunity to achieve the 'triple purpose' while delivering well-coordinated patient treatment that results in health improvement.’ ‘You want to fundamentally modification the health care delivery program by rewarding physicians for results,’ said Ron Menzin, M.D., Cigna's senior medical director for New Jersey. ‘A patient-centered program that's centered on wellness and prevention, combined with the right incentives for doctors, will ultimately result in a healthier population and decrease medical costs.