According to a study at Hull York Medical School.

People who suffered with the illness discovered that they had more energy if they consumed high cocoa content material. Chronic fatigue syndrome is an illness which has a vast selection of diverse symptoms; the primary one being exhaustion. Many chronic fatigue professionals advise their clients to avoid chocolate because of the caffeine and sugar it contains. Professor Steve Atkin, who led the study, said he had customers who reported feeling far better after swapping normal milk chocolate for chocolates with a high cocoa solid content. This sparked him to help expand investigate. The trial contains 10 individuals who received 45g of dark chocolate or white chocolate dyed to look like dark chocolate everyday for just two months.”The availability of ADVATE will be an important milestone for those who have hemophilia in China.” ADVATE is infused straight into the bloodstream and functions by temporarily raising the level of factor VIII in the bloodstream, allowing the body’s blood clotting process to function. Extensive global use and multiple scientific trials demonstrate clinical proof for ADVATE. With SFDA’s action, ADVATE is now worldwide approved in 54 countries.