IS IT POSSIBLE TO Get Mono From Just a Quick Kiss?

IS IT POSSIBLE TO Get Mono From Just a Quick Kiss? Can you get mono from a peck &mdash just; and if his/her lips are wet through the kiss and you lick your lips afterward? – Raye* Yes, it is possible to get mono also from only a quick peck on the lips. That’s as the virus is usually carried in saliva. So it can be pass on through any contact with saliva — from sharing forks even, spoons, consuming straws, cups, or lip balm and lipstick . If you shared or kissed a drink with someone who has mono, it doesn’t mean you’ll get mono yourself. But because the virus is indeed contagious, it’s wise to avoid kissing or sharing utensils or cosmetics with someone who is ill or may possess mono or who lately had it.


Whether it’s in soups or vaccines, MSG can damage the nervous system of the recipient. As an excitotoxin, MSG stimulates neuron receptors to their max, leading to the neuron cells to die off. This inflammation can occur in the hypothalamus region of the mind readily, negatively affecting metabolism, pituitary hormones, and rest, while wreaking havoc on the actions of the complete autonomic nervous system. The hypothalamus region is especially vulnerable to MSG because there is no blood-brain barrier protecting it onslaught. This renders vaccine-injected MSG a lot more harmful because it has an easy entrance into the bloodstream, bypassing gastrointestinal filter systems straight to the unprotected regions of the brain. If food companies can remove MSG from their deceptive food product chemistry, vaccine producers can get rid of it too then! Campbell Soup Company isn’t just giving the food industry something better to strive for, however they are also increasing the bar for vaccine manufacturers by simply eliminated artificial MSG.