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Context and Health, Volume 41, Issue 3, 2015 of Behavioral Medicine will be accessible at www Articles address the number of ecological systems that may impact health outcomes. The content articles are presented within an order based on the amount of context/program considered in each content, beginning with those concentrating on more endogenous systems and concluding with those content articles addressing more exogenous systems. The presssing concern begins with two content articles on mesosytems, namely sociable and peer network. The next group of content articles considers the influences of exogenous systems on wellness outcomes – – the armed service, homeless shelters, neighborhoods, parks, and disaster-prone environments.‘Overall, it’s a more tranquil environment. Opticians can help patients with purchasing contacts and glasses, and help with fixing, cleaning and adjusting eyeglasses. Beaver’s optical shops carry developer frames, changeover lenses, progressive no-range bifocals, and a number of contacts for every affected individual including toric contacts for astigmatism, cosmetic shaded contacts, daily and disposables. The ophthalmologists who personnel the Banning SCC consist of Michael Yoon, M.D. And Steven Rimmer, M.D.D.