SMA is the leading genetic cause of loss of life of infants.

Pre-clinical studies completed in collaboration with the Hans Keirstead Study Group at the University of California, Irvine show functional benefit and basic safety in animal models. Filing of the application is the first rung on the ladder in a multi-phase clinical development pathway aimed ultimately at approval of a novel therapy. The approval procedure for cutting-edge therapeutic approaches such as cell products may present exclusive regulatory challenges in comparison to conventional drugs, therefore businesses and the FDA must function in close partnership to ensure safety and efficacy of the first in-human products.This report may be the first to link arsenic exposure to activation of the signaling pathway and its own potential mediator of arsenic-driven tumors, he said.

Chinese herbal medicine is really as effective for infertility as standard Western medication therapy twice In an assessment posted in the December problem of the journal Complementary Therapies in Medicine, women receiving Chinese herbal medicine treatments were twice as likely to get pregnant within a four-month period than those receiving regular Western medical fertility medications or IVF.