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We received approval for our initial three applications to conduct trials in ovarian very clear cell carcinoma, soft tissue sarcoma, and triple adverse breast cancer , the latter which was initiated and is currently enrolling patients recently. Dr. Ren commented further, We continue to defend the proprietary nature of our unique drug candidate ENMD-2076. Furthermore to patents issued in the U.S., China, Japan, Canada, and Australia amongst others, we’ve recently secured patent safety in Switzerland, Spain, Germany, France, U.K., Sweden, Korea and other territories. These issued patents increase our robust intellectual property portfolio recently. .. CASI data files application with CFDA to conduct ENMD-2076 Stage 2 trial in fibrolamellar carcinoma patients CASI Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Deep remission as a predictor of medical outcomes in vedolizumab-treated sufferers with ulcerative colitis Background: Deep remission can be an emerging treatment goal in ulcerative colitis. Post-hoc analyses of GEMINI 1 study data investigated whether deep remission can be a predictor of clinical outcomes and health-related quality of life in individuals with UC. Key Locating: Deep remission at week 6 was a constant predictor of positive outcomes at week 52, and vedolizumab-treated patients were almost 3-times as apt to be in deep remission at week 52 weighed against placebo-treated patients. Individuals in deep remission at week 6 or 52 had better scientific and HRQoL outcomes at week 52 than those who weren’t in deep remission.