Avanafil long-term phase 3 trial in erection dysfunction meets primary endpoints VIVUS.

The top-line results have been reported previously; however, the display by Dr. Belkoff marks the very first time these results have already been presented at a significant medical meeting. The analysis met all main endpoints by demonstrating sustained improvement from baseline in erectile work as measured by the Sexual Encounter Profile and improvements in the International Index of Erectile Function . Belkoff.’ Highlights of the TA-314 research include: Eighty % of sexual efforts among individuals on avanafil led to erections adequate for intercourse Erectile work as measured by IIEF ratings improved over 80 percent from baselineSuccessful intercourse was accomplished as soon as 15 minutesAvanafil was well tolerated as evidenced by way of a low price of discontinuations because of adverse events The most typical unwanted effects reported were headaches , flushing , nasopharyngitis and nasal congestion There have been no drug-related serious adverse occasions reported in the analysis..MedscapeReference.com. Acromioclavicular Joint Separations.

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