Announced that in a special meeting of stockholders held this morning.

Columbia will also receive royalties of 10 to 20 % of annual net sales of certain progesterone items, and is eligible for an additional amount of up to $45.5 million based on success milestones in the potential preterm birth indication. Watson will fund the development of a second-generation vaginal progesterone product within a thorough life-cycle management strategy. Columbia will retain certain possessions and rights to its progesterone business, including all rights essential to perform its obligations under its contract with Merck Serono S.A.Kreitzer explains. These kinesin ‘trains’ work by moving their cargoes along filamentous tracks, known as microtubules. ‘When everything is usually operating right, appropriate surface markers end up where they need to go. Nevertheless, in rare circumstances, mix-ups occur, plus they could be devastating – – causing sickness not merely of cells but of the organ of which those cells are a part,’ Dr. Kreitzer explains. Scientists have spent decades investigating vesicular trafficking. But the exact role for each of the 41 users of the kinesin family members has remained unclear. Within their study, Dr.