To receive a Community Wellness Leaders Award.

Streeter has been honored for her efforts to provide culturally relevant, family-focused psychological services to children and households living in the economically challenged Anacostia community of the District of Columbia. Working without a salary for a lot more than two years, Streeter founded Ascensions Community Providers to ensure that Anacostia’s children and their families would have the mental health services that they so desperately need.In the mean time, individuals with immunodeficiency were much more likely to have a combined etiology and less likely to have a bacterial or viral etiology . Also, individuals with a purely bacterial etiology tended to possess higher levels of C-reactive proteins than people that have purely viral or blended etiologies . Related StoriesParatek initiates Omadacycline phase 3 clinical study in community acquired bacterial pneumonia Old pneumonia patients can reap the benefits of ICU admissionDeaths from avoidable risk elements: an interview with Dr Ali Mokdad, IHMEThe PSI differed relating to etiology also, with each 1-stage increase being connected with an increased likelihood of finding a viral or mixed etiology .