The first patient was enrolled by Eric Feldman.

Celator Pharmaceuticals enrols initial patient in phase 2 study of CPX-351 in acute myeloid leukemia Celator Pharmaceuticals today announced that the first patient has been treated in a randomized Phase 2 clinical study of CPX-351 Liposome Injection in individuals with newly diagnosed acute myeloid leukemia acheter . The first patient was enrolled by Eric Feldman, MD at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University and NY Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Feldman was an investigator mixed up in Phase 1 research with CPX-351 in patients with advanced leukemias. We are pleased to be engaged in this Phase 2 study predicated on the encouraging results observed in the Phase 1 study, said Dr.

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Pending further scientific data, a closer consider the available clinical research might offer important insights. Studies in patients with kidney disease possess suggested that using erythropoietin to improve hemoglobin above the usual target level of 12 grams per deciliter isn’t helpful, and possibly harmful. ‘Additional study is urgently had a need to determine the effects of ESAs on threat of thrombosis, rate of tumor development and neovascularization both in vitro and in vivo,’ Dr. Lappin and colleagues write. Until such studies are done, they think that ESA treatment for cancer-related anemia should be undertaken cautiously – – no higher than the 12 g/dL target level.