The findings can lead to better drugs to take care of the mental illness contact.

Breast cancer medication tamoxifen helps deal with symptoms of bipolar disease Government experts in the usa have discovered that the breast malignancy drug tamoxifen helped deal with the manic symptoms of bipolar disease contact . The group of experts from the National Institute of Mental Wellness say despite the fact that tamoxifen could be too harmful to be studied for bipolar disease, the findings can lead to better drugs to take care of the mental illness. Tamoxifen was tested since it blocks an enzyme known as proteins kinase C or PKC, which regulates actions in mind cells and PKC is normally regarded as over-active through the manic stage of bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder or manic major depression affects around 6 million American adults; sufferers experience profound feeling swings which range from very disabling unhappiness to overwhelming pleasure or intense irritability.

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Researchers believe because Zometa strengthens bones, it’s tougher for cancer tumor to spread there and the drug may also prevent cancer cells or microscopic tumors from spreading. Zometa’s unwanted effects were mainly bone and joint pain and fever. Doctors noticed no full situations of jawbone decay, a serious side effect linked to bisphosphonates. Zometa costs a lot more than $1,000 in the U.S., though the cost might drop when its U.S. Patent expires in 2013. The bone drug proved disappointing this past year in a big study last of older postmenopausal women, who account for three-fourths of all breasts cancers.