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Cognizant announces acquisition of Cadient Group Cognizant today announced it offers acquired Cadient Group, a full-service digital marketing agency that serves a broad spectrum of life sciences companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, consumer health, and medical device industries. This acquisition further strengthens and expands Cognizant's digital advertising capabilities, enabling brand marketing leaders to transform just how they position their offerings in the digital landscape as they design, develop and bring in multi-channel marketing initiatives, release brands, build communities, drive analytics and insights, and develop a compelling client experience.The beautifully shaded leaves of fall certainly are a indication of leaf senescence, the programmed cell loss of life in plants. This process causes the disappearance of chlorophyll, which is what gives leaves their green color. For a long time, no one knew just what happens to the chlorophyll in this technique really. Now the Innsbruck researchers have examined the peels of pears and apples. Unripe fruits are green because of the chlorphyll. In ripe fruits, NCCs have changed the chlorophyll, in the peel and the flesh immediately below it especially. These catabolytes will be the same for apples and pears, and are also exactly like those within the leaves of the fruit trees. When chlorophyll is definitely released from its protein complexes in the decomposition procedure, it has a phototoxic effect: When irradiated with light, it absorbs energy and may transfer it to additional substances.