According to an editorial and several articles in the March problem of Archives of Neurology.

2010;67[3]:272. Available pre-embargo to the mass media at.. Clinical and scientific advances manufactured in the field of neuro-oncology Many essential clinical and fundamental scientific advances have been made in the past five years in neuro-scientific neuro-oncology, according to an editorial and several articles in the March problem of Archives of Neurology, among the JAMA/Archives journals. ‘Clearly, investigators in this field are innovative, and progress is being made on many fronts in understanding the molecular and cellular changes causal of nervous system neoplasm and developing fresh therapies,’ writes Roger N.Kane, M.D., of The Zucker Hillside Medical center and the Feinstein Institute for Medical Study, Manhasset, N.Y. The second group will be led by Jeffrey Lieberman, M.D., of the extensive research Basis for Mental Hygiene, Inc. At the New York Condition Psychiatric Institute and Columbia University, New York City. The study teams feature nationwide and international collaborations, with treatment to be delivered in to 30 clinical sites across the United States up. Recovery Act money will underwrite the initial two phases of the trial, where the investigators will refine the interventions with input from stakeholders and carry out a feasibility research to demonstrate that each intervention could be fielded in real world community treatment settings and be evaluated in a randomized medical trial style.