Medical and veterinary science.

This follows the granting of similar patents to CSIRO in New and China Zealand. In another case in Australia, CSIRO was effective in opposing a patent application in the name of Syngenta Ltd, with broad promises to RNAi gene silencing. The opposition was recently resolved by withdrawal of Syngenta’s application. In a third case, two patents co-possessed by CSIRO and Benitec Australia Ltd, were managed after re-examination. These patents claim use of DNA-delivered RNAi in animal and human cells. Benitec has industrial rights for use in human beings and related applications while CSIRO offers exclusive rights for all other applications. CSIRO has continuing to develop and fine tune RNAi technology in more than a decade of research, leading to a further nine patent families, and establishing CSIRO as an integral player in this certain area of research.Half of all reported situations are in Texas, the CDC stated. Dallas County specifically has been hit hard. Dr. David Lakey, commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Solutions who also spoke on the call with reporters, said there have been 270 situations of West Nile virus in the county, 142 which were neuroinvasive, and there had been 11 deaths in the county alone. From 2003 to 2011, Lakey stated Dallas had only seen 10 West Nile virus deaths. A lot more than three hundred of the situations were neuroinvasive, and in over 90 % of these cases, people would have to be hospitalized. It’s not nearly the numbers, we’re discussing a disease that impacts the lives of hundreds or thousands of people whose lives will be permanently transformed by this outbreak, Lakey said. While Dallas and other cities took to aerial spraying of insecticides, officials warned this won’t kill all the mosquito sources, particularly if it rains and generally there is stagnant water still left where mosquitoes might breed.