BA Hons Make sure you can you explain why people with cancer often experience fatigue?

A diagnosis of cancer and the linked treatment may also cause a large amount of distress and anxiousness that may increase emotions of fatigue. What are the primary symptoms of cancer-related fatigue? Cancer-related fatigue can affect a person actually which may prevent them from performing even the simplest tasks such as taking a shower or producing a cup of tea. It could also affect them cognitively for example they may have difficulty remembering things or concentrating for also short intervals. Some patients will also experience emotional fatigue such as a lack of enjoyment or interest in normal hobbies or a higher degree of anxiety.But how do these organisms persist and thrive in something that is constantly in flux due to foods and fluids shifting through it? A group led by California Institute of Technology biologist Sarkis Mazmanian believes it provides found the solution, at least in a single common band of bacteria: a set of genes that promotes steady microbial colonization of the gut. A report describing the researchers' findings was released as an advance on-line publication of the journal Character on August 18. By understanding how these microbes colonize, we might someday have the ability to devise ways to correct for irregular adjustments in bacterial communities-changes that are usually linked to disorders like obesity, inflammatory bowel autism and disease, says Mazmanian, a professor of biology at Caltech whose work explores the link between human gut health and bacteria.