Antibiotic resistance remains a significant health problem in Australia.

Antibiotic resistance remains a significant health problem in Australia, warns NPS MedicineWise In light of a major breakthrough in the quest to find fresh antibiotics with the discovery of teixobactin, NPS MedicineWise warns that antibiotic resistance in Australia remains a serious health problem we all need to have to work to address. Dr Lynn Weekes, CEO of NPS MedicineWise says that despite this significant medical development, it may be many years before teixobactin will be available ?male hair loss . Coli. Multidrug resistant E.

An on-going phase 1 scientific study funded by the National Institutes of Health is exploring the use of intravenous minocycline to treat acute ischemic stroke .. Antibiotic minocycline can be utilized for treatment of strokes: Study The antibiotic minocycline may revolutionize the treatment of strokes. A new study, published in the open gain access to journal BMC Neuroscience, describes the security and therapeutic efficacy of the medication in animal models. Dr. Cesar V. Borlongan from the University of South Florida, USA worked with a united group of researchers to test the procedure in laboratory experiments. There is a desperate have to develop additional neuroprotective strategies. This research is an important step in rectifying the procedure issues, presenting a new, far better treatment for stroke sufferers .