Apotex provides nearly $2M worth of medicines for Haiti relief efforts Apotex Inc.

The business has provided near $2 million well worth of medicines to assist with the healthcare wants of the Haitian human population. The shipment of medicines included painkillers and antibiotics and is certainly slated to keep this Saturday on an Surroundings Canada flight. A youthful shipment left with several 10 doctors working for the relief corporation ‘Feed the Children’. ‘Our employees and management wished to help, and it was the right move to make. We have a custom of providing assistance around the world when disasters occur’ mentioned Mr. Jack Kay, President & COO of Apotex Inc.Kaiser Family Foundation. Copyright 2009 Advisory Board Kaiser and Company Family Foundation. All rights reserved.

Childhood weight problems: Genetic variation is actually a factor More complicated Increasing childhood obesity has worried governments and public health advisers in many countries. But a study of 300 kids with severe weight problems by the University of Cambridge and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, recommend the problem may be more complicated than bad diet, overeating, or lack of exercise. ‘It’s a tricky issue,’ says Doctor Matt Hurles from the Sanger Institute, ‘because you don’t want to remove peoples’ motivation for his or her own health benefits.