ChemGenex Pharmaceuticals OMAPRO review: FDA reschedules ODAC meeting to 22 March.

ChemGenex Pharmaceuticals’ OMAPRO review: FDA reschedules ODAC meeting to 22 March, 2010 ChemGenex Pharmaceuticals Small announced today that the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration has rescheduled the previously postponed Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee meeting to 22 March 2010. As an independent panel of specialists the part of the ODAC committee is normally to review efficacy and security data and make suggestions to the FDA concerning approval.Follicle Device Transplant is an old and vintage method used to treat hair loss. This is also often called strip harvesting method. In this procedure a strip of 15-30 cm of hair roots is removed from the donor area by giving a linear scar and the scar is normally closed afterwards with sutures. The strip is normally taken from the back of the head because donor area hair roots are stronger. Then hair follicles are segregated by using specially designed blades plus they are replanted to the recipient area with the help of a very fine needle. After completing the procedure, the scar is closed and bandaged.