Served as the exclusive economic advisor to House Medical Equipment.

Founded in 2003, the Company focuses on offering a broad array of quality answers to physically challenged customers to maintain their mobility and accessibility in everyday life activities. Stephen Berman, Controlling Director who led the purchase team at CSG Partners, commented: It was a privilege working with Home Medical. Not merely is the ESOP a highly strategic liquidity structure for shareholders, it also provides exceptional advantages to employees and positions the business for long term achievement.‘It’s easier to check out a diet that orders you to consume bacon and brie than to consume predominantly vegetables and fruit,’ stated Dr. Dean Ornish, creator of the Ornish diet plan. Atkins followers dropped about 10 pounds typically at 12 a few months, versus 3.5 pounds for the Zone dieters. Females on the Ornish diet plan lost nearly 5 pounds typically and the ones on the national suggestions plan lost almost 6 pounds. Scientifically, those 12-month outcomes weren’t different plenty of from the Atkins weight reduction to guideline out the chance the variations occurred by chance.