Arizona struggles with serious Medicaid cuts.

Arizona struggles with serious Medicaid cuts; Medicaid fraud task force targets abuse in Iowa Phoenix Business Journal: Doctors and health advocates are up in arms over significant cuts to Arizona’s Medicaid program to save lots of $27 million, but the worst is however to come: A $1 billion spending budget shortfall is expected up coming year. A federal matching program that would supply the state Medicaid plan about $1 billion expires in July 2011, this means Arizona shall need to constitute that loss, said Jennifer Carusetta, chief legislative liaison for the Arizona HEALTHCARE Cost FENCE, the state’s version of Medicaid avodart vs proscar for bph .

Republicans say the bill signed by President Obama can be unconstitutional partly because it requires visitors to buy private medical health insurance. Goddard and various other Democrats say a suit would be unlikely to be successful and thus a waste of taxpayer money. Tuesday Also, Gov. Jim Gibbons signed an executive purchase for Nevada to join the multistate challenge to the federal government legislation. Nevada Lawyer General Catherine Cortez Masto, a Democrat, refused an earlier directive from Gibbons to join the suit’ . Raleigh News & Observer: ‘Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue on Tuesday sidetracked a Republican effort to get NEW YORK to join 15 other states which have filed a lawsuit complicated the new federal healthcare rules. But Perdue stated it was inappropriate for the council to consider up the health care issue as the state’s chief lawyer, Democratic Lawyer General Roy Cooper, was in Charlotte going to a police meeting that she said have been scheduled for a few months’ .