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Miletich also mentioned that knowledge with biosimilar applications in Europe demonstrates the necessity for clinical trials. Related StoriesArtemisinin and the fight against malaria: an interview with Dr. Miletich will express the need to continue evaluating products approved as biosimilars once they reach the marketplace to make sure that subtle variations between biologics are well understood. Miletich indicated that this would be particularly important prior to any biosimilar being approved as interchangeable, since such a dedication may result in individuals being repeatedly switched between items. Dr. Miletich continued to state, ‘An interchangeability determination, when possible, would be very hard to make and will require significant period and experience.’ Amgen believes that the agency should ensure that measures are in place to identify and limit the scope of damage from unexpected adverse events associated with usage of any biological item.When experts at Liverpool’s John Moores University examined the findings of a large number of studies, many of them peer examined, on cases of paternal discrepancy, the results dramatically varied. The studies, published in the last 54 years, came from countries as varied as the United States, Finland, New Zealand, South Africa and Mexico. Apparently some concluded that only one man in 100 isn’t the father of his child, while others put the number as high as 30 in 100. The Liverpool experts estimated the median figure to be around 4 %, and claim that as many as one in 25 men worldwide is not the biological dad of a kid he believes to be his. Professor Tag Bellis of the study team, says, in view to the fact that as a society we are increasingly making our decisions based on genetics, the implications are cause for concern.