In the June issue of Tobacco Control according to a study.

‘Caution should be exercised in the kind of advertisement screened as some types of advertising may reinforce smokers intentions to smoke.’ Previous research shows that as restrictions have tightened on tobacco advertising, there has been an increase in the depiction of smoking in films. Lead characters who smoke tend to be likeable, rebellious, attractive and/or successful, while smoking’s detrimental effects on health have a tendency to be overlooked in films.There is a case in Texas in which a mother was actually handcuffed and taken away while supervising her two kids, aged six and nine, riding motorized scooters in a cul-de-sac in front of their house. A neighbor had reported the event to – the authorities! The mom spent the night in jail despite asserting she was in the same front yard lawn chair viewing over them that she was in when the authorities came. Thanks, nosy nanny state-assisting neighbor worked on them providing papers or going to function bagging groceries.