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Ellis. ‘This is because it uses data from earlier cycles which are normally variable in lots of women.’ Related StoriesLove hormone may enhance satisfaction of social interactions, UCI study findsUnivfy announces new IVF refund programHigh levels of satiety hormone leptin contribute to cardiovascular disease in obese individualsCycle duration in the study ranged from 14 to 50 days. The researchers found that usage of the calendar technique in women trying to conceive resulted in only one third of cycles where peak fertile days were correctly predicted.Answering queries at the Recruitment to General Practice conference held at the BMA today John Hutton said he had no indication that the number of GP Registrars could not be expanded as planned, but he would not hesitate to step in if necessary. ‘It is definitely not component of our agenda to lessen on the number of GP registrars’ he stated. Morecambe Bay GP, Dr David Wrigley, reported that programs to allow every doctor in teaching get first hand connection with general practice seemed to be threatened by financing shortfalls.